Development History

Siddajyoti Education Campus (SJEC) is a community based campus which is governed and managed by the participation of the local community. This campus is located in Sindhuli district, Kamalamai Municipality, ward no. 4, Phosretar. The district headquarters of Sindhuli is nearby this campus. It was established in 2063 BS (2006 AD) and one of the most sought-for campuses of Sindhuli district. The campus is providing quality education to Chhori and Buhari in rural area of Sindhuli district. This campus is providing education to the students of Kamalamai Municipality as well as Bhadrakali, Bhuwaneshwori, Khangsang and all VDCs of Sindhuli district. Not only this, many students are studying in this campus from outside Sindhuli district like Okhaldhunga, Ramechhap, Sarlahi, Dhanusa and Mahottari. This campus is run by the co-operation of general public of this area and has been providing the people with higher education especially from the rural and backward community.

The history of this campus originates with Janajyoti Higher Secondary School (JJHSS) Phosretar Sindhuli.  In the starting days of this campus, all the economic as well as academic support was provided by the school. The administration and classes were run in the buildings of the school and the library of JJHSS was also used by the students of this campus. There is invaluable support of JJHS School for the establishment of this campus. But, now, this campus has its own administrative and academic buildings.  It has its own library as well as account section and separate Departments and other physical infrastructures. The campus is indebted to Janajyoti Higher Secondary School for the support in establishing and promoting this institution in the commencement period.

This campus is established with affiliation to Tribhuvan University. It follows the rules, regulations, guidelines, curriculum, examination system, and other academic norms of Tribhuvan University. Mainly, this campus runs its academic programs with the fee collected from students. The other agencies that support this campus are: UGC, DDC, Kamalamai Municipality and other local and national organizations.

The campus has launched Master’s Degree program in Major English Education and Nepali Education. Similarly, it has run the classes of Bachelor in Education in English, Nepali, and Math Education. It has planned to be a multiple campus having Bachelor and Master Programs of other faculties in different subjects. The campus has 410 students now. It is planning to increase the number of students by providing quality education. The campus has enough capacity and facility to provide education to even more number of students. The campus has a capable mass of teachers and cadres. They are trained and research-based faculties. They are devoted, dedicated and responsible in every activity of campus either in regular class or in extra-social activities.

The campus has been producing qualified and competitive human resources in market for the last four years.  Many Bachelor and Master Graduates have been produced by the campus. All the products of this campus are working in their respective fields.

The campus has a general assembly that consists of founder members, life-members, karmath members, distinguished members, donors, representatives of students and alumni. This body elects a twenty one member campus management committee which manages the every aspect of campus. There is another body which is called Campus Council that governs the Campus Management Committee which consists of founder members, karmath members, distinguished members, donors, representatives of students and alumni. The campus has its own Niyamawali. Every stakeholder of campus must follow the provision of this act.  CMC is solely authorized to implement policies and programs formulated by Campus General Assembly and Campus Council in the interest of campus and local community.

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